5 Signs You Need a Commercial Electrician in Winnetka

by | Feb 14, 2018 | In The Community

Electrocutions that happen at the workplace or inside your home can result in fire hazards and fatal injuries.

In order to prevent such hazards, it requires proper maintenance from an experienced electrician in Winnetka.

If the electrical system in your home or commercial business is not well maintained, it can be dangerous to both your employees and you.

If your electric circuits are suffering from frequent breakdowns or you smell burning from wires, you may need an expert commercial electrician to look into the electric system.

Pay attention to the following sounds and smells from inside your home or office building:

Weird Sounds

Peculiar sounds happen when faulty wires cause currents to skip.

If you notice a hissing sound coming from electric lights or electrical sockets, call out an electrician right away.

It could be the result of damaged or worn out wires.

Electric Shock

A clear indication that something has happened to the electric system system in your home is when you feel a sudden shock after touching an electrical appliance.

If that happens, the safety inside your home is now compromised and you will need a professional to come and take a look at the wiring system.

There might be the possibility something serious.

Call All Suburban Electric to get an opinion from a commercial electrician.

Strange Smells

If you detect an unpleasant smell coming from an outlet inside your home or office building, your nose is trying to warn you of potential danger lurking.

Don’t ignore this signs.

The longer you wait, the more you increase the chances of a potential fire hazard.

If you are able to smell electric wires burning, call on the help of a commercial electrician.

Blown Circuits and Fuses

Blown fuses indicate a problem with your electric circuit.

If a fuse blows every time you use your outlet, it is not a good sign.

Putting off a problem like this can make matters worse. Don’t wait too long to call a superior electrician in Winnetka to inspect, diagnose and solve the wiring issue.

Flickering Lights

If you turn on a high-power appliance in your house or office building and you notice a flickering lights, it can be one of two things: a bad bulb or a sign of faulty wiring.

Most people think nothing of it, but in most cases, it’s a sign of an electrical issue.

If the problem still persists after installing a new light bulb, call an electrician.

Call an Experienced Electrician in Winnetka to Assist you

When it comes to issue with electric writing, don’t fall into the habit of procrastination. If you experience any of the warning signs listed above, contact a trusted and experienced commercial electrician who can assess every aspect of an electric system.