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Electric Repair for Breakers, Fuses, and Electrical Panels in Illinois

Home electrical fires account for 51,000 fires a year and cause over $1.3 billion in property damage.

Because of the risk of faulty electric wires, broken electric panels, or other electrical components, it’s important to inspect any issues. This may include breakers that are tripping, blown fuses, or electric panels that are making a worrisome sound.

But how do you know when something is wrong?

Keep reading to learn all about your electric panel repair and electric repair options you may need to consider.

Electrical Panel Company

The electrical panel administers electricity throughout a home. It distributes electrical power into subsidiary circuits. You’ll often see the power divided among rooms or large electrical appliances.

The electrical panel contains a circuit breaker, which halts energy flow when it becomes hazardous. When a breaker is automatically activated, it stops electrical current by interrupting the flow.

A fuse is also a safety mechanism within electrical components that protects against abnormal and strong currents. Unlike a breaker, a fuse must be replaced after it operates. However, a fuse is generally less expensive and more simple to install.

Why are Circuit Breakers and Fuses Important?

Circuit breakers and fuses help moderate and control the flow of electricity throughout your home. They protect your electrical circuit from potential damage. This includes overuse, overload, or short circuits that occur.

When a building has too much electricity flowing through it, a circuit breaker or fuses help cut the power. This occurs so the problem can be fixed without potential damage to health or property.

It’s also important to have a well-functioning circuit breaker when performing routine electrical work around the house. This will prevent potential electrical shocks.

Common Electrical Panel Repairs

One of the most common issues with electrical panels arises from poor electrical wiring. In this case, you may notice electronics are not properly functioning, the electrical panel is over-fusing, or the circuit breaker is being activated often.

Specifically, with circuit breakers and fuses, there are a few reasons why they may become damaged:

  • Damage due to overcurrent: Constant overcurrent will cause the fuse to melt (which immediately requires replacement), or the breaker to trip. If this occurs often with a circuit breaker, the conductive metal can be weakened, or the spring may eventually fail to react.
  • Damage due to an internal short: occurs when there is a break in a wire, or wires touched one another within the circuit breaker
  • Damage occurring from lightning: high voltage will trip a circuit breaker and overwhelm the electric panel.
  • Physical damage: the circuit breaker may be dropped or crushed, damaging its internal structure.
  • Damage due to overuse: improperly using the breaker as an on/off switch for the electric panel.

If any of these damages or issues occur, you should seek a professional consultation. This can help you avoid risks such as damage to appliances or even electrical fires.

Electric Panel Repair: When you need a Circuit Breaker Fuse Replacement

Circuit breakers have a long life cycle, but they can also become worn out over time. Typically, this occurs due to overuse.

Some signs you need a circuit breaker fuse replacement:

  • The circuit breaker becomes physically hot. You can feel the heat radiating from the device.
  • The breaker gives off a burning scent
  • The breaker shows signs of damage such as burnt or frayed wires. 

Fuses, unlike circuit breakers, are only a one-time use. When they are activated, you will need to have it replaced immediately to assure your home is protected against abnormal electrical currents.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, call the electricians at All Suburban Electric to discuss your options.

How can All Suburban Electric help?

If you need help with an electric repair, look no further. Suburban Electric can help determine the cause of the problem and whether it exists beyond the electric panel itself.

If your circuit panel needs replacing or upgrading, the process can be dangerous. Trained electricians can upgrade your wiring while ensuring both your safety and quality work.

Suburban Electric can help you repair or replace old, worn-out, or outdated equipment like your breakers, fuses, and panels directly on the spot.

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