5 Steps to Finding the Right Electrician

by | Jan 4, 2018 | Lighting

We’ve listed the 5 steps to finding the right electrician, to help make things easier for you!

Finding and hiring the right electrician for the job is not as easy as it sounds, but it is absolutely mandatory. With our experience, we think our list can help.

Do your research

The first step to finding the right commercial or residential electrician is to do your research.

Compile a list of available electricians in your area with the best reviews and how long they have been in business for.

Also make sure they hold a valid license and have insurance available.

Get to know each other

Start by speaking with each individual electrician that you’ve compiled on your shortlist to learn more about their work experience.

Doing so will help you better understand the work they’ve done in the past.

Having a face-to-face with the person you are thinking of hiring for the job will help create a professional relationship and a comfort level.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

The best way to gain insight about an electrician’s previous work is to ask more questions.

Asking questions will help you better understand their work, preferences, references, how they communicate, etc. 

Whether your questions are generic or specific, it’s better to have any doubts that you may have clarified.

Get a quote

Price is the most important part when making an assessment on which contractor you should hire. 

Obtaining quotes from multiple commercial and residential electricians will help you weigh your options and see which is best for you.

A trustworthy contractor will give you a structured cost and answer any and all of your questions with honesty.

Compare contractors and make a decision

By following our 5 step list on finding the right electrician, it will help make your decision of which contractor you should hire a lot easier. 

The amount of money you plan to spend is important – so is experience, skills and comfort level. Hiring the cheapest contractor is not always your best bet. Good luck!

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