7 Magical Backyard Lighting Ideas

by | Aug 30, 2018 | Lighting

A backyard is a great place for connecting with friends and loved ones. That’s why the perfect atmosphere is essential.

Adding lights to your backyard is a unique way to decorate your living space. It will make nights memorable and magical.

There are tons of creative ways to light an outdoor seating area.

Here are 7 dazzling backyard lighting ideas that will light up your life.

1. String Lights

String lights are a versatile way to make your yard look like a fairy tale.

They can hang above any seating space such as a fire pit or a dining table. Multiple lights will make any part of your backyard feel cozy and twinkling. Hanging string lights above your garden will give it a whimsical feel.

You can also try stringing lights around trees to achieve a ringlike effect.

2. Spotlights

Sometimes a simple spotlight is all you need.

You can place a spotlight on the ground in a key area, or opt to have it hidden. Adding several lights behind greenery or near a fence is a great way to highlight your garden.

3. Pathway Lights

Not only are pathway lights beautiful, but they’re functional and useful. There are many different designs and types of lights available.

You can’t go wrong with standard path lights, or you can give rope lighting a try. Rope lights work well with curved pathways and gravel.

4. Moroccan Step Lights

Moroccan lights have beautiful, ornate designs. There are many different types of Moroccan lanterns that can add a dash of color to your yard. They also bring a taste of Morocco to your garden.

These lights look great along a pathway or stacked on steps. If you prefer to hang them, there are also many types of hanging Moroccan lights that work anywhere.

5. Glowing Planters

One of the most eclectic lighting ideas for your yard is the glowing planter.

These lights hold flowers and plants, but they light up on the inside. This makes them look like big glowing orbs.

It’s a truly magical way to accent your garden.

6. Hanging Lanterns

Hanging lanterns is a classic way to add something special to your backyard. There are so many kinds of lanterns to choose from.

Chinese lanterns are beautiful and come in different colors. They’re a playful addition to any area. They’re also one of the best backyard lighting ideas for a party or event.

7. Mason Jar Candles

A jar candle is a simple and effective way to light up your outdoor seating area. All you need are basic tea light candles and glass jars.

Put them along paths and ledges or on tables. If you’re feeling creative, you can also hang the jars to create a chandelier effect.

They also look great hung with strings along a fence.

Lighting Your Yard

Now that you have so many magical backyard lighting ideas to choose from, it’s time to get started.

Remember to make sure your lighting solutions are safe, and to consider any electrical safety risks.

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