Reviewing the Top 3 Ceiling Fans for 2019

by | Jan 7, 2019 | Hot Topics

A ceiling fan is one of the best multi-purpose purchases you can make for your home or business.

Picking the right ceiling fan not only gives you good air circulation but adds to the style of any room you put it in.

Picking the wrong ceiling fan may give you an ugly design that doesn’t put in the work you want it to.

Need help finding the best ceiling fans? Here is a list of some of the most promising.

The Best Ceiling Fans of 2019

Ceiling fans aren’t a brand new idea. Though their basic idea has stayed the same, new designs, materials, and mechanics have improved them over the years.

Professionals and consumers alike love all the fans below for a large variety of reasons.

See if one sounds like a good choice for your home or business.

Hunter Builder Deluxe

Hunter is a company that has been around over 25 years. Their fans are reliable, sturdy, and efficient.

The builder deluxe is a powerful fan, capable of cooling a room of up to 250 square feet.

The fan is, even at the highest setting, very quiet. It has a straightforward installation that prevents the usual wobbling that lesser fans have.

The combination of sturdy, quiet, powerful, and even sleek design makes the Hunter builder deluxe a solid quality fan.

Minka-Aire Wave

With its unique design and beautiful wood finish, the Minka-Aire Wave is a beautiful little fan.

The koa wood used in this fan gives it a nice, glossy wood look. The curves of the blades resemble that of old aviation blade. This combination of glossy wood and old style gives it a unique blend of old and new designs.

The fan is very easy to install, even compared to other fans of its type.

If you prefer your fans with a light, you’re in luck. A variation model, Minka-Aire Light Wave, comes with an LED light kit.

This fan is elegant, beautiful, and efficient. The Minka-Aire Wave is a quality design.

Westinghouse Alloy and Comet

The Westinghouse fans have been number one sellers on Amazon. This mark of quality showcases the fans efficiency, durability, and simple style.

While the Alloy and Comet are separate fans, they are different only in their size. Both fans have similar controls and styles.

The Westinghouse fans have great durability on their side. They run non-stop for a decade or more without tire or wear.

The built-in light is potent. The frosted glass over the light fixture gives a good balance of illumination and warmth.

Its contemporary style makes it a good fit in most modern day homes.

Westinghouse makes fans that are reliable, sturdy, and straightforward. They earned their number one slot.

Choosing the Right Fan for You

Even with all these facts, picking the right fan is not easy. Consider the style of the room you need them in. Buying a fan for efficiency alone can leave your home mismatched.

If none of these fans catch your fancy, there are many companies you should look out for.

Besides the above brands, here are some of the other top sellers: Casablanca, Emerson, Fanimation, Monte Carlo, and Craftmade. These brands make quality you can appreciate.

All Your Electrical Needs

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