5 Questions to Ask Your Electrician in Lake Forest, IL

by | Apr 5, 2018 | Energy Savings, Lake Forest, Lighting

Like taxes, getting up for work, and bad weather, electricians are just part of life. If your home or business’s electrical system malfunctions, there’s only one person you can turn to.

Trying to do electrical work yourself can lead to plenty of potential issues. Property damage and personal injury are not uncommon during this circumstance.

Before you hire an electrician in Lake Forest IL, there a few questions you should ask them.

Let’s take a look!

Questions When Hiring An Electrician In Lake Forest IL

1. Are You Insured?

By nature, the work of electricians can be very dangerous. Insurance is an absolute must for any electrician you are intent on hiring.

Let’s say something were to go awry during the job they are completing. The worker’s insurance will cover any costs that stem from damage or other complications.

In addition to protecting you, insurance protects the electrician, as well. There is no reason not to have it.

2. Can You Show Me Your Past Work?

Talk is just that — talk.

Any contractor can talk all day about how reliable they are. Take a look at the electrician’s past projects.

This is the best index of whether or not they offer quality service. Electricians who are not able to offer you any sort of insight into their previous work may not be professionals you want to hire.

If they can’t back it up, move onto the next one

3. What’s Included in The Estimate?

Your electrician in Lake Forest IL will offer you an estimated cost for the repairs. The type of job the electrician you need the electrician for is the deciding factor here, and it may or may not include an hourly rate.

What you need to ask about, however, is whether or not your electrician will make necessary structural repairs after they finish the job.

Electricians typically have to cut through drywall to get to the electrical components they need to work with. Discuss with your potential contractor if you will be responsible for the repairs.

4. As an Electrician in Lake Forest..

“How experienced are you?”

Different states have different regulations and electrical codes. An experienced electrician in California may not be the same as one who has been working in Illinois for most of their career.

This question will give you an idea of their work quality.

It’s one thing to have the education to be an electrician, but it’s another to have extensive experience in the field.

5. What Do You Specialize In?

Installing is different than repairing. Emergency repairs are different than regular maintenance.

You should look for an electrician who has significant experience in exactly what you need so that they get the job done right.

Remember: they work for you, not the other way around. Only give your money to someone you’ve come to trust.

But, there’s nothing wrong with someone who specializes in a variety of services.

Make Your Decision

After you’ve learned all you need to know, you can decide whether or not that specific electrician is right for you.

Never be afraid to learn more about electricians or what you need them for. For general information about electrical work, we have plenty of resources.