7 Reasons Why You Should Consider An Electrical Panel Upgrade For Your Home In Lakewood

by | Jul 20, 2018 | Wiring

Your electrical panel is essentially the heart of your home’s electrical system. The question is, does it need a transplant?

If your power goes out frequently because your electrical circuits get overpowered, it’s probably time for an electrical panel upgrade at your home. But that’s not the only sign that your home’s electrical panel may need updating.

Here’s a rundown on seven reasons why you should consider an electrical panel upgrade for your home in Lakewood.

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1. You May Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade If Your Home Is Over Two Decades Old

Here’s why.

An older home typically has panels that don’t go above 60 amps or 100 amps. Meanwhile, a newer home usually has a 200-amp panel, which tends to fit the modern family’s lifestyle more effectively.

This is because today’s homes often feature high-tech appliances, such as smart refrigerators, along with computers and high-definition television sets. If you’re like the average family today, a more robust electrical panel may be in order for your Lakewood home.

2. Your House Has a Fuse Box

Perhaps your home still depends on a panel that contains fuses. Fuse boxes were common in houses erected before 1960, but fuses can burn out, in which case they must be replaced.

Meanwhile, if you have circuit breakers, you can simply reset them by flipping their switches. In light of this (pardon the pun), replacing your fuse box with a brand-new electrical panel will ultimately make your life easier.

3. Your Existing Electrical Panel is Warm or Smells

If you notice that your panel is warm, this may be an indicator that it is defective, overloaded or improperly installed.

In addition, if your panel smells as though it is burning, this is a sign that one of your circuit breakers is bad or that one of the wires wasn’t connected properly.

These issues can put your home at risk for a fire, so don’t put off addressing them by getting your electrical panel upgraded.

4. You’re Getting New Appliances Or Updating Your Home

Getting brand-new appliances or updating your home can certainly be an exciting experience for any adult. But before you do either, you might need additional amps. In this case, you should consider upgrading your electrical panel.

Even if you aren’t getting new appliances, you may still need a panel upgrade if you notice that your current appliances are not running at full capacity. The issue here may be a faulty panel or an outdated panel that needs more electricity to accommodate your home’s required current load.

5. Your Home’s Electrical Panel is Tripping

If you can’t get your panel to stop tripping, you may need to replace it.

Your panel may be tripping because too many appliances are plugged into a particular circuit. The trip mechanism is designed to prevent overheating wires, which is why your power gets cut off.

The good news is that addressing this problem may be an easy fix. You might simply have to replace a breaker, not the entire panel.

6. Your Lights Flicker Often

Notice your lights flickering frequently, particularly when multiple appliances are in use? Something in your panel may be failing, or a connection might be coming loose. In other words, it’s probably time for an electrical panel upgrade.

7. You Use Several Power Strips

In this situation, you could probably use some extra wall outlets around your house. Upgrading your electrical panel will help to ensure that you have enough power to run everything in your Lakewood home.

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