How Your Home Can Benefit From An Arlington Heights Electrician

by | Aug 23, 2017 | Arlington Heights

How Your Home Can Benefit From An Electrical Inspection

You don’t have to wait until there’s a problem to call an electrician. Keep reading to learn how your home can benefit from an electrical inspection.

Do you live in Arlington Heights, IL and suspect that something has gone awry with your home’s electricity?

Are the lights too dim or too bright? Do the light switches not work properly?

Or is something more extreme going on, like electrical surges or circuit overload?

If so, you need to address the problem now. Because if you wait any longer, serious issues could arise.

Does everything seem fine and afloat with your home’s electrical system?

It still never hurts to get a maintenance electrical inspection. In fact, you could do your home a great justice by getting one on a routine basis.

Here’s how…

Keep Your Home & Family Safe

House fires can start for a number of reasons.

But as of 2015, electrical house fires accounted for an annual 51,000 fires in the United States. Of these 51,000, 500 lives were lost, with over 1,000 injuries and $1 billion in damages.

Some things that lead to house fires include outdated fixtures and faulty wirings. Overloaded circuits and power boxes are some other problems.

You can monitor use of extension cords and not overload your home’s circuits. You can also keep furniture, rugs, and other heavy items away from cables and plugs.

You can be proactive and prevent electrical fires by scheduling an electrical inspection. Have a qualified expert do the job right.

Adhere to Electrical Standards

An inspector can also make sure that your home is up to code.

Local safety standards change and get revised every 2 or 3 years. Because of this, new and old homes alike can suddenly have unsafe and outdated systems.

You could be forced to replace your electric system altogether if it’s determined to be out of date. This can be a major drain on your finances, and not to mention, a huge headache.

So, schedule a maintenance electrical inspection – at least once a year. That way, you can prevent emergencies from occurring down the line.

Improve Item & Appliance Efficiency

Getting an inspection is not just for the sake of preventing fires and staying up to code. Faulty and outdated systems can wreak havoc on appliances and electronic devices, too.

The older the wiring, the more it wears down on your devices. With outdated wiring systems, things like phone chargers won’t work as efficiently. And in other cases, items like hair dryers and toasters blowout and break.

Defective systems can even downright damage appliances like refrigerators and microwaves. Which is why electricians check all appliances during an inspection.

But they won’t just look to see how the appliances are performing. They’ll also inspect the interior and exterior of the appliances. They’ll search for worn down or broken wires that could lead to future malfunction.

Protect your appliances and electronics by getting an inspection done now. That way, you won’t have to shell out money to replace them in the future. Plus, an inspection can help you save money on your energy bills every month.

Protect Your Home with a Quality Electrical Inspection

Northern Illinois homeowners are some of the most susceptible to electrical fires.

The region experiences extreme weather like tornadoes, ice storms, and heat waves. Which means outdated and defective electrical systems pose even greater risks.

As an Arlington Heights resident, you can get an electrical inspection, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All Suburban Electric is here for you!