Lake Forest Electrician Discusses 5 Most Common Residential Electrical Problems

by | Aug 11, 2017 | Lake Forest

5 Most Common Residential Electrical Problems

Has your home been having some electrical issues? Keep reading to learn about the 5 most common residential electrical problems.

Do your lights flicker on and off? It’s probably not a ghost.

Flickering lights are just one of many common electrical problems that tend to arise in homes. These are some others:

Ineffective Light Switches

Light switches not working properly can be very frustrating for a home owner, as it can be hard to pinpoint the exact reason for their ineffectiveness. 

If you have just moved into a new home, the residents before you could have improperly wired the house. Certain light switches may not actually be connected to power. 

Even if you have some experience with electrical wiring, you should still consult a trained electrician who can rewire your house in a safe way. Serious injuries can arise if you make mistakes during the rewiring process. 

Frequent Shocks

Nobody wants to live in a home where they are the victim of frequent electric shocks when in contact with electrical sockets, even if they are minor. This is another wiring issue that should be the responsibility of an electrician. 

The problem with undertaking electrical jobs is that even besides the obvious risk of injury, exposed or incorrect wiring can cause sparks that can lead to house fires. It is always better to go with a certified professional. 

Power Surges

Power surges are common in many households, especially during severe thunderstorms. Your lights may flicker on and off, or plugged in appliances may suddenly have power. 

If this only happens once in a while, it is likely not a serious problem. However, one of your devices may be to blame. Make sure all of your electronics are plugged in safely and are not surging your sockets. 

Electronics bought outside of the U.S. may not be designed for the voltage of your power sockets. You should also refrain from plugging in multiple power strips into a socket and overloading it. This can also cause fires or serious injury. 

High Electrical Costs

Do you think your electricity bill is much higher than it should be? If your electricity provider isn’t sneaking in hidden costs, then it probably has to do with your consumption habits. 

Be aware of which electronics and appliances use the most electricity and unplug them after use, especially when you are not in the house. Faulty wiring can also be the culprit of high electrical costs. 

Using Too Many Light Bulbs

If you feel that your light bulbs are not lasting for as long as they should be, you could have a wiring or connection issue in your light sockets.

Before you spend hundreds of dollars frequently replacing them, contact an electrician for a permanent fix. It can be difficult to find the cause of this issue if you are not sure where to look. 

Take Electrical Problems Seriously

These electrical problems are very common and are likely easily remedied, but you should still take them seriously. As soon as you discover any kind of electrical malfunction, contact a professional who can get the job done right. 

If you are having frequent electrical issues, contact us today!