How to Install a Ceiling Fan

by | Feb 20, 2018 | Lighting

With increasing ways to save energy year-round in your home, ceiling fans have become very popular.

Ceiling fans – installing and repairing ceiling, attic, bath, and exhaust fans can not only be complicated, it can also be dangerous.

Installing a ceiling fan from an accessible space above the attic makes the installation easier, but things can become complicated if you’re not a professional electrician.

Electrical boxes used for ceiling lights are not strong enough, so be sure to replace the existing electrical box with one designed for holding up ceiling fans.

If you have to remove the existing light fixture, here’s how to install a ceiling fan properly:

Removing the Existing Light Fixture

Before you begin, always make sure the electricity to the circuit is turned off before removing the the glass shade or globe from the fixture.

Next, remove the nuts or screws that are holding the fixture to the ceiling.

Once you’ve removed the nuts or screws from the fixture, start disconnecting the wires by twisting off the plastic connectors from the ends of the wires.

Remove the Old Electrical Box

After you’ve disconnected the wires, begin removing the old electrical box from the ceiling.

If it’s nailed to a joist, pry it free by using a flat bar. If it’s suspended, unscrew the box and pry the bar from the joists.

Then hold a pancake box (about ½-inch thick) on the ceiling, centered against the joist, and begin tracing around it with a pencil to make your mark.

Begin cutting around the line with a drywall saw.

Attach a New Electrical Box

Before you attach the new electrical box, make sure there’s a cable connector attached to the knockout hole of the pancake box – so you’re able to feed the electrical cable coming from the ceiling.

set the box in the hole you cut out with the drywall saw and press it tight against the underside of the joist.

Use a drill to attach the box to the joist with the screws provided.

Once the box is screwed in, wrap the bare copper wire around the grounding screw from inside the pancake box.

Attach the Ceiling Medallion

Begin by applying a small about of urethane-based glue to the back of the ceiling medallion. (Make sure the hanging wires pass through the medallion).

Before fastening the medallion to the joint, make sure it is centered on the pancake box.

Nail it to the ceiling and fill with caulk.

Mount the Ceiling Plate

When mounting the ceiling plate, be sure to hold it up to the pancake box and pull the wires through the hole.

Then attach the ceiling plate with machine screws.

Begin Assembling the Ceiling Fan

Always begin assembling the fan on the floor.

That way you can feed the wires coming from the motor through the center of the canopy. Once complete, set the canopy on top of the motor.

Pass the wires through the hollow down-rod pipe and thread it into the top of the motor.

Use a wrench to make sure the screw on the side of the pipe is securely fastened.

After that, begin hooking once side of the canopy onto the ceiling plate.

Connect the two wires to the bare copper wire by using twist-on wire connectors.

Once all of the wires are connected, swing the canopy in the up position and attach it to the medallion.

Start attaching each fan blade to a blade iron and fasten the blade irons to the motor with the screws provided.

Then plug the fan’s light-fixture housing into the wire that’s hanging on the side of the fan’s motor, install the shades and light bulbs.

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