5 Most Common Residential Electric Problems in Lake Forest

by | Mar 1, 2018 | Energy Savings, Lake Forest

Are you a Lake Forest homeowner?

Have you been experiencing some issues with your buildings electrics?

Then keep reading, because in this article we are going to look at some of the most common residential electrical problems you are likely to come across.

1. Power Loss is a Common Residential Electric Problem

Power is a key resource for you. From lighting on the shop floor and display cases to running heavy duty machinery, power is key.

Think about it, how many people carry cash on them now, and in quantities that could cover a shopping run?

A complete power loss experience can be devastating for a home, and while changing or flicking the fuses should resolve the problem in the majority of cases, you will always want to have the number of a good electrician on hand.

Just in case.

2. Flickering Lights Indicates An Electrical Problem

It’s not ghosts making the lights flicker in your residential property, but rather faulty electrics.

The most common cause of this electrical phenomenon is a loose connection somewhere. 

It is always advisable to contact a trained professional when dealing with connection problems.

Not only because one wrong step could result in a full power loss situation, not to mention costly repair work, but because a qualified electrician will know the best way to solve the problem, and keep it solved.

3. Short Circuits Can Cause Long-Term Disruption

In some homes you might have a high power requirement.

It is not surprising then, that one of the most commonly seen residential electric issues comes in the form of tripped breakers and short circuits.

It can be very easy to overload the breakers in your building, and while time will teach you the ways to limit this, bringing in the services of an electrician can help keep your home safe from fires or larger disruptions as a result of such a blow-out.

4. Hot Fixtures Are Not As Sexy As They Sound

Electricity and heat go hand in hand, but if you find that the fixtures around your house are getting too hot for your liking, then you would be best served to call in the help of an expert.

Overheated fixtures can be a precursor to a breaker tip, and also to sparking elements, which in turn, can easily lead to fires and more catastrophic interruptions to your home.

Take care of the problem as soon as you notice it. You will be thankful in the long run.

5. Unprotected Wiring Is The Scourge Of Older Residential Properties

If you are the occupant of an older residential building, then you could very well find yourself faced with the problem of unprotected wiring.

This could come in the form of wires not being hidden and therefore exposed.

Depending on your home the severity of this can differ, however, it is a problem you will want to resolve as soon as you can.

Unprotected wiring could also come in the form of broken insulation, resulting in the inner wiring to become exposed to the elements. A dangerous situation for any home.

Always Ensure Your Electrics Are In Top Condition

There are some things in life that you should never take for granted.

Residential electric problems are a big item for any owner to consider, and action should be taken quickly and assuredly whenever anything is noticed.

Regular checks of your home’s wiring is also a valid idea because it will provide you a degree of peace of mind that your home is not in danger. 

Get in touch with us today and arrange a checkup of your home’s electrical health.